My Latest Project:Photography and Blogging

Welcome to my latest project, to find inspiring images that provoke thought in most and share them to you people. I believe that imagery is one of the best ways to preserve a memory, as well as that photography is a beautiful art form when done correctly. Come join me as I travel throughout my world taking as many breath taking images as possible.

Every photo can share a story, and I hope you enjoy the stories that I can share with you.

On top of my plans to post varies photos I also plan on posting many miscellaneous blogs on all things from my opinions to the latest update on life.


Current Mountain



This photo was taken in Swift Current, Newfoundland of the Swift Current bay grouping of islands. Many locals call these the “Turtle islands” (which is a very common name for islands in varies communities on the rock) but I believe that this beautiful snow covered landscape of the background hill/mountain is what truly captivates me. The mountain shows the beautiful landscape that was just a few thousand years ago (between a few thousand to a few tens of thousands) being carved by miles of receding glaciers. Part of the reason I believe Newfoundland is a beautiful place is because of the vast mix of common and exotic geological history of the land, as it was also the meeting point of three continents at one point in time.




If you would like to check out any of my other projects throughout the internet, make sure to stop by my “About” page as the links should be there.


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