How To Get Views On YouTube -The Free Guide

Hey guys, I know what you’re thinking. How can somebody who has a small channel understand how to get more views on YouTube? Well that’s an easy question for me to answer, as I have grown up making videos and consider myself a little more than an amateur on the entire YouTube game of statistics and how it all works. On top of that, I was personally involved with helping my brother Jordan, otherwise known as TheFearRaiser online for his Minecraft animations and other videos, reaching his first few thousand subscribers a few years ago and have sense then spent all my time researching things from science questions to marketing techniques.


So let me run that by you:

Personally I have ran upwards of 20 youtube channels throughout my life, been apart of at least 20 other channels through varies ways like videos and being a contributor.

I have helped my brother (who now has over 540,000 subscribers and 1 million views a day) reach a pivotal moment in his channel, which was helping lift the channel off the ground towards its first few thousand subscribers.

I have been researching for a couple years on how youtube works and the best ways for no bodies on youtube to gain momentum into something.


So lets get into it shall we.



The first most important thing possible when it comes to your video is the title. You’ve probably heard it a million times if this is not the first blog post on the subject that you’ve read, but by you having a catchy title that works best for you in terms of search placement, it allows traffic from that search to see you first.

Secondly, you must have a half decent description of your video. Many of us including myself are guilty of not wanting to write a description but in reality by you having at least 50 words about your video, it also helps to increase the amount of possible word tags that could possibly place your videos within that search as its relevant, but don’t just post tags in your description as that is against the YouTube terms of service, so just try to talk about your video in 50 words.

Third, the tags. Go on google trends and you will be able to research what terms are popular. If you have time to sign up, join ad words to help you do the same in a more orderly fashion, but when it comes down to it key words are more important then possibly everything as it is the main way for people to find your video relevant to what they’re searching for.

Fourth, you want to have really attractive thumbnails, as humans are mainly visual creatures. Its like a novel, if it looks good you’ll probably pick it up, so find someone who is good at digital artwork or go learn yourself.

Fifth, you need to have an amazing first 30 seconds of video, as this is what dictates if your viewer will stay or go. Be original, catchy and don’t be afraid to mix elements of things you see into your own style, as long as its not duplicating them.


Once you have worked on all five of these categories, its time to spread your link. Now you have your video uploaded, you have everything youtube wants to put you in the video feed, but when their is millions of uploads every minute how are you going to get found in the crowd?


Simple, you spread your links to as many places as possible and the reason why is just math! The more places to see your link, the more people will see, and the more people that see will increase the likely hood that they will click, and that is always a great thing for your view count (and watch time if your videos are great).

The best way to do this:

RedditFind the relevant gaming subreddit or just go and find R/gaming or R/youtubegaming, just remember not to spam their forums as they will ban you.

Forumsanything from your favorite gaming forum to your gossip forums, just make sure you follow their rules and post in the relevant categories.

FacebookPersonal page, community groups, community pages. Post your link and include a small 20 word text on your video to help keep it social.

TwitterTweet your link with relevant hash tags.

Hopefully this guide will help some small channels take off, and I hope it was informative for you!


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