How Getting Robbed Helped Me Out


This photo may be nothing more than of a truck, next too an open pit of soon-to-be-built housing to most, but to me this photo is a very funny reminder of the day a man showed up to do our job….. except that isn’t how things were supposed to work out.

Me and my friend Jordan used to work for a construction company working generally as laborers. We had been working the job for a few years, and have work at literally hundreds of different construction sites throughout the Avalon. The day was like most other, except it was the first day that I had my new vape, which to me was enough to get me through the day without feeling the real tick of time, so I remember it quite well. We we’re working at a house in Paradise for a few hours because we decided to skip morning coffee and wait tell 10:30am (our break time) to get them, so at that time, we left to grab our coffees. We dropped everything we had in our hands outside in the dumpster, and sealed the house off and went on our merry way to get some well needed and deserved breakfast and coffee. It didn’t take us long, as it wasn’t very busy at Tim Horton’s, so within 10 minutes we were back at the site, except there was a truck parked at the construction site, where there wasn’t before.

We didn’t expect anyone to show up, so we thought maybe it was the boss, so we said that because we had 5 minutes before our break was done, we’d drive around and finish breakfast. We did that, and came right back to find an old guy, picking up all the garbage that we were supposed to be throwing out, and he was putting the good bits of wood (that were once again, garbage anyways) and putting them in his truck, so immediately we knew something was up, so we called the boss and asked what the situation was, and what to do and he told us to get out and tell him off, so as we opened our doors, the guy hops in his truck, and tears down the road (goes really fast) and this was the photo of his truck just before he tore off.

One mans garbage is another mans treasure, and that sums up what happened. We ended up only having to do 2/3rds more of the work as the guy got a nice little bit of stuff out of our ways! So this thief actually helped us out a little, so err……….thanks?


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