The Craziest Bonfire Ever

2012-2014 580.JPG

“This photo, I took about two or so years ago at a really cool bonfire in the summer. It started out as me and my friend, Jordan, walking to a party that was off of the road towards south lands in the woods. We started off by walking through about 10 minutes of brush and forest until we heard people, which we followed until we found ourselves in a open patch of woods, that had a bonfire started in the center, and a cool tree fort with tens of teenagers standing on it, doing things that teenagers do. The night started off pretty chill, and by sundown, their was about 100 people partying in this small patch of forest. It got to the point were they put a full tree into the bonfire, creating a 20ft flame! Me and my friend decided that the place was getting to ‘heat bag’ (meaning too attention getting) after they threw a can of spray paint into the fire, causing a massive explosion. This is when we realized we picked a good time to leave, because as me and Jordan were leaving, a guy was walking towards us with a flash light, so we jumped in the woods (causing me to loose my shoe) and hid until the lights went by. At first we thought it was a cop, but others texted us other wise. In the end I found my shoe and we made our way back home, just to find out that this guy had brought a gun to the party, over a spat he had with another girl! Definitely a crazy night that will be forever logged in my memory, and now blog!”


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