The Colosseum, Rome


“Being to the Colosseum in Rome was a breath taking moment of my life. For the first time ever, I was at a place where I had already understood the history, and seen countless times before, although never in person. Walking in through the stone arcs was an experience unlike any other, akin to your first time riding a bike, or your first trip on your own. This day was a day of clouds, and drizzle, which is what i am used to as I am from the foggiest capital city in the world (St. John’s)  but to me, it was a day unlike any other. My mind still holds the taste of the air and the the sound of the crowds of people, enjoying the same monument that I was.”


Time Square, New York City

New York 2014 032

“I went to New York city back in 2014, and man was it an eye opener. Never before in my life have I been surrounded by nothing but millions of people, and a sea of massive sky scrapers. From the point of view of somebody who is from a very rural province, this place was extremely smelly. Every turn, you could either taste the exhaust of cars in the air, or you could smell the all to often whiff of sewage. It also put right in my face the fact that most people who live in cities like New York, and even smaller, are almost always surrounded in a light haziness. The place was nice and all, but it was all to noisy for me to get to sleep, so that was the biggest dislike I had towards New York. I had a beautiful time enjoying the culture, and New York experience! The tall buildings were cool, the statue of liberty was cool, and so was the many attractions we did! Overall, I see why people like to go to New York City, but its not the favorite place for somebody from a small place like me.”

My Latest Project:Photography and Blogging

Welcome to my latest project, to find inspiring images that provoke thought in most and share them to you people. I believe that imagery is one of the best ways to preserve a memory, as well as that photography is a beautiful art form when done correctly. Come join me as I travel throughout my world taking as many breath taking images as possible.

Every photo can share a story, and I hope you enjoy the stories that I can share with you.

On top of my plans to post varies photos I also plan on posting many miscellaneous blogs on all things from my opinions to the latest update on life.


Current Mountain



This photo was taken in Swift Current, Newfoundland of the Swift Current bay grouping of islands. Many locals call these the “Turtle islands” (which is a very common name for islands in varies communities on the rock) but I believe that this beautiful snow covered landscape of the background hill/mountain is what truly captivates me. The mountain shows the beautiful landscape that was just a few thousand years ago (between a few thousand to a few tens of thousands) being carved by miles of receding glaciers. Part of the reason I believe Newfoundland is a beautiful place is because of the vast mix of common and exotic geological history of the land, as it was also the meeting point of three continents at one point in time.




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