Freeport, Bahamas

Samsung 2015 066.jpg

“So this image was actually taken two years ago while I was on a cruise with my family. It was a pretty amazing time to be quite honest. The exposure to a vastly different society was quite the experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Between the local’s and the amazing beaches I can diffidently see myself heading back down in the future.”


White hills Memories

2012-2014 045


“This image was taken during a Ski-Snowboarding trip to the White hills skiing resort outside of Clarenville. By far, it was one of the best trips in terms of things accomplished (hit a ramp, flew a couple feet in the year before tumbling) and weather. From the top of the hill, I managed to snap a picture of the silhouette of people below me, and it really blew my mind how we are so small, but yet do so much in this world. I would recommend this spot on a beautiful winters day to any aspiring winter-athletes and casuals alike!”

The Colosseum, Rome


“Being to the Colosseum in Rome was a breath taking moment of my life. For the first time ever, I was at a place where I had already understood the history, and seen countless times before, although never in person. Walking in through the stone arcs was an experience unlike any other, akin to your first time riding a bike, or your first trip on your own. This day was a day of clouds, and drizzle, which is what i am used to as I am from the foggiest capital city in the world (St. John’s) ┬ábut to me, it was a day unlike any other. My mind still holds the taste of the air and the the sound of the crowds of people, enjoying the same monument that I was.”

Cloud River Phenomenon

A rare cloud formation


“This morning I woke up to something rather exciting, after a night of graduation celebration. The clouds had taken on a weird, soft, blanket like texture, all while having a creamy consistency like whip cream. The cool thing about this though is not just how this looked as a background to the beautiful land I call home, but about what happened behind the photo. The clouds look like they are trying to take the shape of the hills, while literally being able to see the clouds flow like a river in the sky! It was the coolest weather event of the year so far. I think the reasons this formed (for a couple hours at most ) was due to the warm and cold airs interacting with the clouds causing the clouds to flow on a conveyor belt of air, but I am not as 100% sure on that.”

Lost in Venice, Italy


“Me, my friend Matt, and Nick all decided to break away from the group due to the fact we had 5 hours of free time. After wondering around for about a half hour, we stopped into a pub to grab a drink, and try that oh so famous Italian pizza. Unfortunately for all three of us, we we’re not feeling the best from all the travel the night before, so we could only eat half of our cheese pizzas, so we ended up getting another drink each. After we payed, we decided to just get as lost as we can, because Venice is only so big, and you can only walk so far on this small island. We ended up getting lost for hours, which led to me snapping some of the best pictures of my entire photography career. This is a photo of one of the many squares in Venice, from the balcony of one of the museums.”


2012-2014 491

“This is a picture of the front lobby of the first building I worked at. A lot of work went into finishing this building at the time, so I decided to snap this picture. This was just a few days after the airplane went missing from Malaysia, which is part of the reason why this picture has value to me, as it brings back a rush of memory’s from those few days.”

The Network Dream



Hey guys, whats going on. My name is Josh, and im going to make this blog post about my particular dream with creating a network. For those of you who don’t know, I am the co-creator of the Kaned Productions YouTube channel, which is a gaming channel focused on providing a wide array of gaming content, including lots of indie games.

Although at this current moment in time, we have a long way to go before I can even begin transforming KP into more than just a gaming network, their has been non the less an underlying dream I have developed over the past 9 years of online life.

I am a very passionate musician, and create lots of my own music as well as being in a band called Entity Unknown, which leads me to the first phase of the dream which includes creating a music studio, designed for all types of indie artists. I hope that through creating a music studio at some point, that it could help boost the current pool of indie musicians into the spotlight and help them become more accepted in the music industry. obviously, this would have to be a long ways down the road, but none the less, it is defiantly apart of my dream.

I also love animation, and story creating (which is a helpful mix) even though I may not be the best at animation (yet) I plan on developing my ability to the fullest in hopes of creating an animation series, which has been one of the major dreams in my life. I hope to one day eventually turn KP into a producing company (hence the productions).

I also want to get involved with digital news. I believe that the issues facing the world today are extremely dire, and I also believe the best way to get the young people of today involved with the politics and social aspects of governance. I want to help inspire a generation of positive change in the world. The internet is the garden where we can finally plant the seeds of truth, so that we can create a hopeful environment for the future generations instead of allowing the current media corporations world wide to distract you from the real issues facing humanity, like wealth inequality, poverty, health care, climate change, and the abuse of human rights.

I want to be able to start a non-profit organization that supports helping those in need, while defending those who need hope. People who are in place as popular figures today are great people, but most do not realize that their influence could change lives forever. I want to inspire everyone to realize that we are all connected (by 5 degrees of separation) and that change happens when you are the one who stands for it.

So although it is not all of the things I want to accomplish, this is the current outline of some of the “Network Dream” that I have. I hope that this dream can one day become a reality, as the internet is a beautiful place to flourish.