Freeport, Bahamas

Samsung 2015 066.jpg

“So this image was actually taken two years ago while I was on a cruise with my family. It was a pretty amazing time to be quite honest. The exposure to a vastly different society was quite the experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Between the local’s and the amazing beaches I can diffidently see myself heading back down in the future.”


The Colosseum, Rome


“Being to the Colosseum in Rome was a breath taking moment of my life. For the first time ever, I was at a place where I had already understood the history, and seen countless times before, although never in person. Walking in through the stone arcs was an experience unlike any other, akin to your first time riding a bike, or your first trip on your own. This day was a day of clouds, and drizzle, which is what i am used to as I am from the foggiest capital city in the world (St. John’s)  but to me, it was a day unlike any other. My mind still holds the taste of the air and the the sound of the crowds of people, enjoying the same monument that I was.”

Cloud River Phenomenon

A rare cloud formation


“This morning I woke up to something rather exciting, after a night of graduation celebration. The clouds had taken on a weird, soft, blanket like texture, all while having a creamy consistency like whip cream. The cool thing about this though is not just how this looked as a background to the beautiful land I call home, but about what happened behind the photo. The clouds look like they are trying to take the shape of the hills, while literally being able to see the clouds flow like a river in the sky! It was the coolest weather event of the year so far. I think the reasons this formed (for a couple hours at most ) was due to the warm and cold airs interacting with the clouds causing the clouds to flow on a conveyor belt of air, but I am not as 100% sure on that.”

Sun Halo Photo

2012-2014 536

“I’m often asked about how I took this picture when I show it to my peers. People tell me it looks like it was photo shopped, or edited in some sort. The truth is that this mystically epic photo was taken on a warm summers day while I was at work. What had started as a really hot and sunny day, turned into a really light and bright fog, which allowed a sun halo to form while we were outside. Me being me said ‘hey this might make a cool album picture one day’ so I took the photo with me standing under it. It was truly a beautiful phenomenon, and it was the first time I had ever seen and/or heard of it in my life, and it is now pictured forever in my mind, and in the internet (as I have made this one of my band (Entity Unknown) pictures.”

The Feeling of Freedom

2012-2014 243.JPG

“This photo was taken sometime in the summer of 2014, when I got the thing I had been waiting for, for most of my childhood. A Dirt bike. It wasn’t much really, just a 100cc Baha bike (garbage really), but that bike opened my world up in such an amazing way. I suddenly was able to tred throughout the landscape, in lightning time. I could meet up with people and go ride for hours before I ran out of gas, but most importantly, that feeling of being a child and wanting something for so long, and finally getting it. That was the best feeling of all, the feeling of childhood contentment. This is one of the first photos I snapped somewhere outside of Clark’s Beach, where my grandmother once owned a cabin. And believe me, the view was truly breathtaking.”

My Latest Project:Photography and Blogging

Welcome to my latest project, to find inspiring images that provoke thought in most and share them to you people. I believe that imagery is one of the best ways to preserve a memory, as well as that photography is a beautiful art form when done correctly. Come join me as I travel throughout my world taking as many breath taking images as possible.

Every photo can share a story, and I hope you enjoy the stories that I can share with you.

On top of my plans to post varies photos I also plan on posting many miscellaneous blogs on all things from my opinions to the latest update on life.


Current Mountain



This photo was taken in Swift Current, Newfoundland of the Swift Current bay grouping of islands. Many locals call these the “Turtle islands” (which is a very common name for islands in varies communities on the rock) but I believe that this beautiful snow covered landscape of the background hill/mountain is what truly captivates me. The mountain shows the beautiful landscape that was just a few thousand years ago (between a few thousand to a few tens of thousands) being carved by miles of receding glaciers. Part of the reason I believe Newfoundland is a beautiful place is because of the vast mix of common and exotic geological history of the land, as it was also the meeting point of three continents at one point in time.




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